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numioV_VET is a mechanical ventilator for veterinary use. It is controlled by an internal computer and allows the use of inhalational anesthetic agents. The device  incorporates physiological measurements and allows more advanced studies of respiratory physiology.

Designed and manufactured in Spain.

Functional features

  • Tactile and robust equipment,
  • Simple and intuitive user interface,
  • Quick access to the parameters of the active ventilatory mode,
  • Acoustic and visual alarms,
  • Compatible with all veterinary anesthesia systems,
  • 2 ventilatory modes: 

        a) Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV)

        b)Pressure controlled ventilaton (PCV) 

  • Protects the animal in real-time against pulmonary over-pressure.
Datasheet User manual

Measured parameters

  • Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP), Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) and Plateau pressure (PP),

  • Peak inspiratory flow (Fli), exhalation flow (Fle) and  tidal  volume (Vt),

  • Lung compliance.

Ventilator parameters

  • Tidal volume (Vt) in VCV mode,
  • Lung pressure in PCV mode,
  • PEEP,
  • Inspiratory pause,
  • Respiratory rate,
  •  I:E ratio,
  • Over pressure protection in VCV mode.

Ventilator modes charts