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NumioV-MRI is a mechanical ventilator designed to work on MRI environment, and use special gases.  Monitorize the main respiratory physiology of the animal providing flexibility, operating capacity and simplification to the experiment.

Designed and manufactured in Spain.


Functional features

  • Study of dynamic and pulmonary physiology , specially using hyperpolarized and fluorinated gases,

  • Study of cardiology applications: avoid the breathing movement artifact,

  • Brain studies, specially fMRI to control the blood oxygenation of the animal,

  • Oncology applications.

Datasheet User manual

Ventilator charts:

  • Lung pressure
  • Lung flow
  • Tidal volume


Measured parameters:

  • Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP), Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) and Plateau pressure (PP),
  • Peak inspiratory flow (Fli), exhalation flow (Fle) and  tidal  volume (Vt),
  • Lung compliance.


Ventilator parameters

  • Tidal volume (Vt),
  • Lung pressure,
  • PEEP,
  • Inspiratory pause,
  • Respiratory rate,
  • I:E ratio,
  • Over pressure protection in VCV mode.

numioV-MRI galery