About us

Since 2010, the main objective of Numiotec is to meet the increasing and complex needs of our customers, whose are mainly research groups, physicians and veterinarians.

We draw on experience from the University, so all our products are based on innovative and advanced ideas. We draw on research and veterinary medicine, so we understand in depth the needs of our customers. We draw on private enterprise, so we know that the robustness and ease to use features shall be part of our products' identity.

Respect and care of animals are also a fundamental base of our modular and open technology design, but reliable and easy to use at the same time.

What we do

Our experience over 15 years in the development of medical technology and in innovation and our first-hand knowledge of the animal research complexities have shown us the need to develop technologies for our customers, whose have usually find in the second-hand human technology market the most conventional way for partially solve their technology needs.

Ours services

We offer our experience advising to our customers in the experimental set-up for accomplishing the best of our technology. We also offer high quality after-sale services, updates of our technology and the continuous improvement of our device capabilities to the need and habit of the final users.

We help our customers in the maintenance and integration of our devices and in the care of the animals.

Our team

Our team is a multidisciplinary group: engineering, physics, electronic and information technology experts, and veterinarian, physician, pharmacist and chemists consultants.